During the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber attacks have increasingly targeted health care organizations, among others. The Finnish hacker collective KyberVPK - Community Cyber Response Force was established to help providers of critical services in the fight against attacks and to recover from them.

Depending on the needs of the organization requesting assistance, KyberVPK can help prevent security issues, test the security of customer environments, work together to resolve security breaches, or help with the secure deployment of systems, for example.

KyberVPK primarily assists:

  • Companies and organizations that provide healthcare and other critical services and functions
  • Companies that do not have the financial ability to seek commercial help with cyber attacks
  • Municipalities, schools or other communities in need of technical assistance

How do I get help:

  • Contact.
  • We evaluate each case individually and confidentially.
  • The help we provide does not cost you or your business anything.