Why was KyberVPK founded?

The Finnish hacker collective KyberVPK - Community Cyber Response Force was established to help providers of critical services in the fight against and recovering from cyber attacks.

When was KyberVPK founded?

KyberVPK was established in March 2020.

What does KyberVPK mean?

KyberVPK is a voluntary cyber response force, extinguishing cyber fires with community resources.

What does KyberVPK aim for?

The good of communities, society, the EU and the world. We want to enable those who help others to focus on their own tasks under a threat that affects everyone, minimizing the inconvenience caused by cyber disruptions and disruptors.

What do the services provided by KyberVPK cost?

Our services are free of charge and provided by volunteers in their spare time.

Who are the members of KyberVPK?

KyberVPK is made up of volunteering security experts who work in the organization as individuals and do not represent their employers.

How long do these experts work against the cyber threats of the assisted organization?

Our members operate on KyberVPK matters in their spare time.

What kind of organizations and companies does KyberVPK help?

  • Companies and organizations that provide healthcare and other critical services and functions
  • Companies that do not have the financial ability to seek commercial help with cyber attacks.
  • Municipalities, schools or other communities in need of technical assistance.

How can the collective help in practice?

Depending on the customer’s needs, the team can help prevent security problems, test the security of the customer’s environment, jointly resolve security breaches or, for example, help with the safe implementation of systems.

Each member has their own areas of expertise and interests. However, each member is united by a desire to help those in need.

How does KyberVPK ensure that information from the assisted company / organization does not leak outside?

The team is fundamentally made up of information security professionals and trusted individuals from information security communities. On our website you can see our team members and read their introductions.

For each customer we create a separate, secure workspace, in which the necessary people are brought together according to the customer’s wishes.

How does KyberVPK take care of data security?

Our workspaces and data transfers are encrypted. We use secure communication channels.

KyberVPK maintains a secure collaboration environment for its members, and the members of the group also help each other ascertain their personal information security.

How to get involved in KyberVPK?

We will let people know as soon as we are ready to expand our ranks.